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«Книга Джунглей»: в Сети появился первый трейлер нового проекта Disney video_banner_mask
Ferrari Press Agency Ref 6593 Spectre 1 28/03/2015 See Ferrari text  James bond fans are feeling a little shaken by the the first teaser trailer for new 007 film SPECTRE .  The  96 second taste of what to expect from the forthcoming film finds a brooding Bond , played again by Daniel Craig, reliving his past after a mysterious box of personal effects.  They are  uncovered following the events of previous movie Skyfall where the British secret service building in London is still showing the bomb damage inflicted in the last Bond outing.  The first dialogue is when Miss Moneypenny, played by Naomi Harris' , tells Bond : O You've got a secret . Something you can't tell anyone... because you don't trust anyone.O  EBond later examines itsEcontentsE-a yellowing temporary adoption certificate and dog-eared childhood photo, part of which is  missing.E  The trailer then gives us a first look at Italian beauty Monica Bellucci, who takes the role of ELucia Sciarra, the widow of an assassin killed by 007.E  Later, as Bond journeys through a mountainous landscape he confronts and old acquaintance .  He  returns a ring engraved with a symbol instantly recognisable as the insignia of the global crime syndicate SPECTRE.  The shadowy acquaintance tells Bind as he is presented with the ring:O I always knew death would wear a familiar face, but not yours.  The mystery figure then adds: ?You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.O The brief trailer ends with the appearance of villain Franz Oberhauser, played by Christoph Waltz.E  Bathed in shadow, he tells Bond:O It's been a long time. But finally... here we are.'EE  SPECTRE, the 24th film in the iconic franchise.  Previous film Skyfall grossed $1,108.6 million worldwide in box office receipts.  Craig has signed up for two more offerings, while director Sam Mendes and screenwriter John Logan also make a welcome return.  Production has so far taken in locations across Austria, where dramatic Alpine scenes were filmed in February, L Игры шпионов: новый трейлер фильма «007: Спектр»
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