AussieBum's Underwear Collections For Those That Want To Wear Comfortable Underwear

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When it comes to innovative and eyecatching designs, aussieBum has never shied away from making a splash in the world of underwear. Their collections aim to enhance the wearer's appearance while boosting confidence and boldness, whether at the pool, on the beach, or during daily activities.

CottonSoft 2.0

This new generation of underwear features a lightweight cotton-elastane blend and an ergonomic pouch for added support. The metallic lustre waistband brings sophistication to the design, available in both classic brief and modern trunk styles. Combining style and comfort, the CottonSoft 2.0 collection aims to elevate the wearer's experience, ensuring confidence throughout the day.

With an RRP of only $17.95 USD, the CottonSoft 2.0 underwear becomes even more affordable at $11.23 USD each when customers purchase a 3-pack or more.


Classic Value

The Classic Value collection from the men's underwear brand offers a vintage-inspired brief with a contemporary touch. Featuring a selection of colors, including eye-catching Marle tones, the underwear is made from a soft cotton-blend fabric for optimal comfort. 

The briefs have a generous pouch and a comfortable interior, complemented by the iconic aussieBum classic waistband. The Classic Original collection provides wearers with a blend of traditional and modern design elements.

The Classic Value range offers a starting price of $12.45 USD. However, customers can enjoy more value by purchasing the 3-pack or more, with each item priced at just $10.23 USD.


Enlarge 2.0

 The Enlarge 2.0 collection, aimed at those who value individuality and confidence in their choice of underwear, offers a design based on the belief that size and freedom are essential. The new generation of EnlargeIT features a redesigned ergonomic pouch with improved ventilation and access slits, providing ample space and comfort for various sizes.

Priced from $18.23 USD, the Enlarge 2.0 collection boasts upgraded fabric and waistbands. The sustainable, organic premium Lenzing® Modal fabric offers softness and excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, providing the support and form-fitting comfort individuals need. The collection also includes a next-generation aussieBum waistband, ensuring lift, support, and projection. The Enlarge 2.0 collection aims to enhance wearers' confidence by offering bold and liberating designs.

Wonderjock 2.0 

The WonderJock 2.0 collection represents a rebirth of aussieBum's iconic pouch-enhancing design. Introducing Ultra Pouch-Enhancing Technology, WonderJock 2.0 offers even more features. Crafted from sustainable and organic Lenzing® Modal, this collection delivers the most moisture-absorbent, breathable, ultra-soft, and comfortable Wonderjock experience ever. The upgraded pouch incorporates aussieBum's patented 4D Framing technology, ensuring maximum support and projection for all sizes.

In addition, the WonderJock 2.0 Trunk has anti-chafe panels. The price starts at $18.23 USD.


Comfy Bamboo Escape

 This collection offers a unique combination of comfort and sustainability through its use of premium bamboo fabric. This soft, durable material provides antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating properties, ensuring wearers stay fresh and dry throughout the day.

Side seam length ensures a sleek appearance, a sturdy aussieBum-branded waistband, and a flatlock gusset seam contribute to the underwear's overall durability and quality.

This collection demonstrates how fashion brands can develop innovative, eco-friendly solutions without compromising quality or design, encouraging more consumers to make environmentally conscious choices.

Starting at $15.45 USD, customers can benefit from an even more attractive offer by purchasing a 3-pack or more, with each item priced at just $9.98 USD.

Confidence Boost

AussieBum's innovative underwear designs focus on enhancing natural features and promoting self-confidence. By featuring cutting-edge technologies like the WonderJock and ergonomic pouches, aussieBum ensures optimal fit and support, enabling men to showcase their best assets with pride. The collections offer a wide range of bold prints, vibrant colors, and style varieties, allowing wearers to express their unique personalities while feeling confident.

Making a lasting impact in the fashion industry, aussieBum's bold and unique designs cater to diverse tastes and preferences, promoting self-expression and confidence. Embracing individuality and body positivity is at the core of the brand's philosophy. Recognizing that everyone's body is different, aussieBum offers various shapes and sizes in their collections.

Ultimately, the brand believes that confidence is the most attractive asset anyone can have, and its underwear collections are designed to help individuals achieve just that.


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