Meet the new Ukrainian fashion brand beyond time Eternal

Classic tone and perfect geometric shapes

The new Ukrainian brand appeared on fashion radars. The first collection, сalled Essentials, represents must-have items and reflects the brand's core basis points: being relevant beyond time, emphasizing personality, inner strength, and freedom. The launch of the Eternal debut collection came out at the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Still, the brand preserved its dedication to its metier to the maximum and decided to continue moving forward: no one will succeed in breaking the Ukrainians' passion for their vocation, faith, and dreams.

In their outfits, Eternal combines strict lines, geometrical shapes, a classic tone, and a casual cut. "Power. Freedom. Elegance" — these are the key codes of identity realized into Eternal clothes. The creators of the brand are strict with the smallest details as they both determine and bring the sense.

Eternal calls on: Follow yourself - your Eternal Basis

The brand's debut collection is represented by classic two-piece suits, elegant double-breasted coats, and eco-leather trousers. Eternal outfits will match not only the items from the collection but also the rest of your wardrobe. The palette of the first Eternal collection is neutral: black, grey, sandy, and dark blue. This makes the brand's garments perfect for combining them with a great variety of other clothes and accessories — both with a monochrome tone and bright accent colors.

The silhouettes in the Essentials capsule highlight strength and femininity at the same time. As well as elegance where confidence is read. Power emphasizes sophistication. In this collection, these features do not contradict each other but on the contrary enhance the identity.

Eternal personality prefers a reserved style, but a casual cut: she can be clear and disciplined, but always leaves space for freedom – freedom of movement, action, and decision. She appreciates true aesthetics in everything, but at the same time does not neglect the sense. Eternal emphasizes the inner diversity through the style.

The brand pays special attention to the quality of its products. The designers of the brand use natural fabrics – high-quality materials from different parts of the world. The Essentials collection will be available in limited quantities.

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