Meet Les Fantome Palette — A Young Los Angeles Street Style Brand


Scientist and former chemistry researcher Kwasi Nkansa established Les Fantome Palette in 2021 to feature a motif that embodies youthful rebellion. The alluring styles combined a blend of flowers and embossed patches to complement double-breasted jackets and turn classic wool sweaters into art forms.

“I did not intend to design clothes at first,” shares Nkansa. “I really appreciated art, but science was my main interest. However, I have always been attracted to high fashion and the process of creating clothes, and what it takes to create these things is textures, imagination, quality and effort.”

Autunno Suit

Les Fantome Palette’s collections combine spectral designs and contrasting solutions, adopting various colour palettes and textures to suit Nkansa’s vision. His background has aided immensely in the craft, with the chemistry of shades, textures, and art reflected in the statement ensemble of LFP capsule collections.

The brand’s latest collection, Capsule IV, continues the identity. It features the culture of street-style design inspired by American music, the vibrant energy of Los Angeles, the beauty of art, and the rawness of Nkansa’s own emotions.

Mother and Child Pyro Suit

Mother and Child Pyro Suit

According to the designer, the outfits should portray inner experiences and mental states. Les Fantome is not pretentious. The brand believes it’s not always about “happiness and positivity.” Instead, the designs should reflect reality.

“If a collection turns out to be too perfect, I will change it to bring it closer to reality. Things like the Idols T-shirt or the Gracieux trench coat contribute to the long-standing theme of unorthodox design, ” says Nkansa.

Sciare Coat

Capsule IV collection boasts unusual and extraordinary combinations. For instance, it includes a kimono coat with hints of rebellious motives sewn from various printed patches. It is complemented by a volumetric collar which balances the bright colours. 

Odo Long Coat

Odo Long Coat

Also included in the eccentrically designed collection are bright knitwears featuring striped cardigans complemented by butterflies and leaf patches. This particular design exhibits the simplistic yet vibrant spirit of Los Angeles. 

Left to right: Flutter Short Jumper (Marigold), Nectar Shirt 

Les Fantome Palette’s designs, particularly the Capsule IV Collection, all boast decorative details that are meticulously handmade. These include shirts, knitwear, suits, accessories, and outerwear. Les Fantome Palette has expanded its activities to Milan and Paris, and the official website of the fashion brand offers shipping to most countries in the world.

Mergo Knit
Author: Elizabeth Babets

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